Numerical Recipes


1. Using Other Vector and Matrix Libraries
2. SVD Implementation
3. Implementation of Stiel
4. Implementation of Adapt
5. Implementation of the Euler Transformation (see also R1 and R2, below)
6. Derivation of the Levin Transformation (see also R1 and R2, below)
7. Coefficients Used in the Bessjy and Bessik Objects
8. Bessel Function Implementations
9. Complete VEGAS Code
10. Complete Miser Code
11. Code Listing for selip
12. Routine Implementing the Simplex Method
13. Interface to AMD and LDL Packages
14, Code Implementation for the Traveling Salesman Problem
15. Code for Minimization with Simulated Annealing
16. Description of the QR Algorithm for Hessenberg Matrices
17. Implementations in Unsymmeig
18. Code for External or Memory-Local Fourier Transform
19. Code Listing fitexy
20. Routine Implementing an Eighth-order Runge-Kutta Method
21. StepperBS Implementations
22. Dense Output for Stoermer's Rule
23. Constants for Stiffly Stable Rosenbrock Method
24. StepperSie Implementation
25. Solvde Implementation
26. Code for PSpage and PSplot
27. Code for Machar
28. Code for Rendering a Phylagglom Tree in Simple PostScript

Related Resources

R1. Further Discussion of Sequence Transformation Methods (by Dr. E.J. Weniger, Universität Regensburg)
R2. Reply to R1 on Some Issues (by Dr. Avram Sidi, Technion, Haifa)