Comments in the source code

11-18-2009, 02:11 PM

I just bought the electronic version of NR3 and the downloadable source code. It is really a great product, however I noted that in the book you have a lot of comments in the source code, these are unfortunately not in the downloadable source code. Is there any reason for this? The code would after all be much easier to read if the comments were in there. Instead I more or less need to have my browser with the pdf-file open beside my code-editor in order to read the code.

Best regards
Jeppe Grue

Saul Teukolsky
11-18-2009, 11:20 PM
Hi Jeppe,

Yes, there is a reason the comments are not in the source code: if you look at the comments that appear in the book, you'll see they have math symbols and different fonts. We decided it was worth having the ability to do this rather than have plain text comments in the source code. (The book routines are printed from the executable source code to avoid typos, and so we didn't want to have two sets of comments either.)

Thanks for the question.
Saul Teukolsky