Users of old versions of NR

02-15-2008, 10:17 PM
I purchased copies of the first edition of NR for Fortran (in the yellow dust jacket) and the second editon of NR for Fortran (in the blue dust jacket) as well as the yellow and blue paperbacks with test programs to demonstrate the programs in the books and, in the case of the first edition, a diskette, I think, with the programs on it, so I've laid out quite a bit of money for the books over the years. I'm retiring from the phys. dept. at my university in May :cool:, so I have to watch my pennies, but I do intend to keep my hand in and use the programs frequently. I wonder if there's any consideration in the subscription prices for NR3 for a long-time user and purchaser of the older editions? I looked on all the pages but could find no way to contact the publisher so I'm sending this to the forum.
Jack Littleton

Bill Press
02-17-2008, 12:43 PM
Hi, Jack.

No, there is no formal upgrade discount, per se. We did work hard to keep the price of the new edition low for everyone: I see that you can buy it now on for $44 from some sellers. (List is $80.) If I recall correctly, the original Fortran version in 1986 was $32 -- and it had only about half as much material as the new Third Edition. So, including inflation, the price is actually way down!

We do value our long-time readers, but all the tracking that would be required to offer formal upgrades just seemed too hard. By the way, if this means that you're switching from Fortran to C++, then congratulations!