NR3 CD installation question

10-09-2007, 10:48 PM

I just received the nr3 cd from amazon. I noticed that there is no installation program on the cd. Where do we place a copy of the nr3 on the hardrive so that we don't have to carry the cd with us all the time?

Bill Press
10-11-2007, 11:54 AM
Good question, since others may also be wondering.

Since the NR3 code is in the form of source code files, no installation is required, and you can copy the complete contents of the CD to any convenient place. You then access it by double clicking on the file index.htm (or a shortcut to that file).

Here is a detailed example for Windows XP, where I will install it into a directory C:\Program Files\NR300 and put a shortcut on my desktop. (Vista, Mac or Linux would be very similar.)

1. Insert the CD into a drive, say D:
2. Double click on My Computer, then drive C:, then folder Program Files.
3. In the Program Files window that just opened, right-click on any empty space and choose New->Folder. In the highlighted new folder name, type NR300 then Enter.
4. Double click on the NR300 folder to open its window (which will be empty).
5. Now, back in My Computer, double click on the CD drive D: to open a window with the top-level CD files.
6. Single-click on any file show, then press Ctrl-A to highlight them all. Now left-click-and-drag the highlighted group into the empty NR300 folder that you opened in step 4. It will take a few minutes to copy the entire CD into the directory. (After a few seconds you will see a progress bar.)
7. Finally, right-click-and-drag the file index.htm to your desktop. A context menu will open. Choose "Create shortcuts here" and release the mouse button. Close all windows you have opened.

You can now remove the CD and store it safely. You can browse the NR3 code by double clicking the shortcut on your desktop. For programming, you should add the directory C:\Program Files\NR300\code (for this example) to the list of directories searched to resolve #include statements. (We can't tell you how to do this since it is different for different development environments.)

10-11-2007, 08:47 PM

Thanks for the detailed instruction.