Help: need advice on ref book on FE

12-06-2005, 07:21 AM
Hi Group... ( Happy holidays/new year to everyone.)
Hope this question is allowed in this forum. If it is not I apologize to the moderators. This is basically a programming question and I am using the NR book which has proved to be helpful. Here is my questions:

1. In FE the banded matrix is constructed differently than done in the NR book, based only on the FE mesh. This results in a differently shaped coefficient matrix than described in the NR book. I'd like to know if there are other solvers for banded linear system out there I can look at. Preferrably a source code that I can test.

2. I need some advice on good FE books that show details on how to handle interface conditions (eg. how to impose continuity of the scalar field at the interface of two materials/regions). I have finished the one single part code and I need to add parts to the model. The treatment of the BCs at the interface is my problem right now.

Thank you for your help.
/Mongi M